New hitphenomenon: Kim Wilde

Marty, 41, and Ricky, 19, wrote the song and Kim, 20, sang it to the highest place in the English chart. “Kids in America” became a family triump for father, son and especially daughter Wilde. Marty is himself a famous figure in the English pop world. When he was 19 he had rock hits with “Teenager in love”, “Bad boy”, “Donna” and “Sea of love”. After that there was a career with the Benelux-hit “Abergavenny”, stage success in “Bye bye birdie” and a role in the movie “Stardust” with David Essex. But then it ends. From now on he stays in Kim’s shadow and doesn’t want her printed in the press as Marty’s daughter. “She will make it on her own”, says Marty. “When she started I was optimistic. Now I’m flabbergasted. She will be fifty times more successful than I’ve ever been. My career will fade to nothing compared to what she will achieve.”

Kim is very pretty and seems unattainable, but when she talks with or about her father she suddenly seems tender. “I don’t have these enormous plans myself. I am happy at home, with mum and dad and the family, especially my younger sister. I don’t want to move out from home, because I like it too much there. Many girls my age have this burning desire to leave home. I’m not like that. It doesn’t mean that I don’t feel like an adult. Contrary to that, I think that it’s a sign of adulthood of being able to live with your family as well as this. You have to give and take, you especially need to understand people and that’s something you’ll need all your life.”
She does have ambition, of course. “What I want to do first and foremost”, Kim says, “is playing live in front of an audience. I haven’t done that yet. I want to get to know the feeling of getting through to people and getting their reaction right away.”
Marriage, children, a boyfriend: Kim isn’t worrying about that yet. “No, there is no-one”, she says. “I am far too busy anyway”. She seems very sensible for her 20 years. Maybe because of Marty’s help, but he doesn’t let himself be tempted. “Kim is not the sort of girl you tell things”, he says. “I can always advise her but she always makes her own decisions. I have pointed out the dangers of this profession, the drinking and drugs that completely wiped out some of my friends. I have had a drinking problem myself and that’s the sort of thing I want to spare her.”
Kim herself realises this. “I have always felt fantastic about having a home”, she says. “I was being taken care of. I usually got what I wanted. Some people get frustrated because they get too much, others because they get too little. With me that won’t happen. I once read something that I’ll always remember: when you get everything you want in this life, what you want may not be what you get.”
Marty lets her speak and keeps the final sentence to himself. “Rock ‘n’ roll has been good for me. My life has been a long paid holiday. I want the same thing for Kim.”