New sex symbol for the Eighties, Kim Wilde: You can’t get rid of problems with drugs and drink

The British Kim Wilde looks likely to be the sex symbol for the Eighties. With her ‘Kids in America’, recently a chart topper in the Netherlands, the only 20 year old singer leaves her father Marty far behind her.

Father Marty was once a celebrated rock ‘n’ roll singer who had one success after another with hits like ‘Teenager in love’, ‘Bad boy’ and ‘Abergavenny’. Still Marty Wilde doesn’t look upon his daughter’s career with envy. Quite the contrary: he shields her from all the negative elements in a successful career which she has now.

Drugs and alcohol

He remembers all too well himself what it is to become addicted to drugs and alcohol as a result of success. Kim has a very positive attitude towards that: ‘Problems are not there to be smoked away, it doesn’t help. Fortunately I have no problems so I won’t have to worry about that. I would like to have some more time off, though’, the blonde beauty says.


There’s no time off for her any time soon, though, because the success of ‘Kids in America’ has made Kim a celebrated popstar in her own right. This success came very suddenly, by the way. The 20 year ol singer was asked to sing backing vocals on a track by her brother Rick. Her experience – she sang backing vocals together with her mum for her father Marty when she was 12 – made it obvious that the song would become a success thanks to her vocal abilities. And so it was decided to let her record the whole song by herself.


Like a rocket the single shot to the top of the charts in England, but also in Germany and the Netherlands. A big triumph for the Wilde family and father Wilde is very proud that his daughter is doing all this. The new single ‘Chequered love’ is raging through the hit landscape like a hurricane. The expectations for her first album are very high as a result of all this. Both singles will be included in the record which will have 10 songs. The first copies will be made next week.

We’re the first to print the artwork of the album, simply titled ‘Kim Wilde’. Listening to the demo tapes we conclude that we’ll hear lots more of the Wilde family in the next few months, with Kim as its exciting focal point. We’ve nothing against that.