One of the Wilde bunch

Published in
Daily Epress (UK)
Written by
Jackie Mollinger

Kim Wilde runs her fingers through her choppy blonde mane and muses about fame. "I was in McDonalds the other night", she says, "having a lonely hamburger, and people kept coming back and staring through the glass. It was really strange..."

You feel inclined to point out it wasn't. After all, she is a striking looking girl, a singer ni the star mould of the likes of Debbie Harry and Hazel O'Connor and daughter of that rocker of yesteryear, Marty Wilde.

Being ogled at - especially with a single like "Kids in America" riding at No 6 in the charts - is a fact of life. The more so when you're a girl who's put together her own eye-catching and original Deliberately Different Look.

When it comes to clothes, there's no New Wave or New Romantic stuff for 20-year-old Kim, who showed her style when she made her TV debut in a £2.50 coat from Oxfam, and who turned up for a shopping spree with Express Woman in a navy school mac (Oxfam again and just £1), black canvas jeans and an old M&S lambswool cardi, teamed with suede stiletto bootees.

Says Kim, who lives at home with father Marty and mother Joyce, a one-time Vernon Girl: "I want my own image. I'm not fashion conscious, I don't believe in spending lots of money on clothes and I mostly shop at the Oxfam shop in St. Albans. I'm basically scruffy and have a sort of rough and ready look that's pretty untogether but definitely uncontrived. Scatty really, which is the way I am."


Our shopping spree took in the King's Road, World's End, and Covent Garden... with the Wilde One giving the thumbs down to the likes of frothy netting tu-tus and provocative stripey minis ("good fun clothes... but too tarty and jokey for me") and approval to the chunky sweaters and tuxedos at Flip, haven of the authentic cast-off ("I think the fifties are an influence on my style").

"Dad still has a lot of his original stage clothes", she says, "I've been right through hit wardrobe but everything's miles too big. I'd wear them if I could have them altered. And I wish mum had have kept her old Vernon Girl gear, I'd have worn them too."

That said, Kim ("My vitals are 34-25-36, I think") settles for a £4.50 black tuxedo from Oxfam and patched Levi 501s as her favourite clothes, and declares: "I always wear tight fitting trousers, mainly jeans".

And of following in father's footsteps (Marty and her brother Ricky co-wrote and produced her No. 6 hit), Kim says: "I love this business. But it's just a job isn't it. I don't have any clear-cut plans for the future."aily Express (UK), March 23, 1981