Portrait of the artist as a consumer: Kim Wilde


The New Avengers
The Outer Limits
Fawlty Towers
Sgt. Bilko
Tom and Jerry
Randall and Hopkirk, Deceased
BBC 2’s Double Bill of Horror


The Pit and the Pendulum
Whatever happened to Baby Jane?
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
This is Elvis
The Harder they Come
Snow White
Mary Poppins
Jailhouse Rock
Don’t Look Now


My baby left me / Elvis
The Bo Ho Dance / Joni Mitchell
Baby I love you / Aretha Franklin
Who’s sorry now! / Connie Francis
They Don’t Know About Us / Kirsty MacColl
The Name of the Game / Abba
Train in Vain / Clash
Teenage Wildlife / David Bowie
I’ve Got You Under My Skin / Frank Sinatra
Try A Little Tenderness / Otis Redding


The Divine Garbo / Frederick Sands and Broman Suen
The Forest People / Colin Turnbull
Along Came A Dog / Meindert de Jong
Jonathan Livingston Seagull / Richard Bach
Da Da – Art And Anti Art / Hans Richter


ARTISTS: My favourites are the Fauves, particularly Matisse
CITY: London, because it leads the trends all over the world
BIGGEST INFLUENCE: The music my dad played me when I was younger – Aretha Franklin, Carole King, Joni Mitchell adn too many others to mention.
MUSICIAN; Joni Mitchell, she plays a mean guitar, has a brilliant touch with it. She’s the only one who has really impressed me on guitar. I also like Albert Lee.
ALL TIME HERO: Van Gogh. He was dedicated to what he was doing. No one gave him any aid, apart from his brother, but that was enough.
COMEDIAN: Groucho Marx. I loved the Marx Brothers, they were just mad and incredibly modern.
FAVOURITE MEAL: My first McDonald hamburger, I’d never tasted anything so wonderful in all my life.