Review – Chequered love

As usual Frits Spits was right when he declared ‘You’ll never be so wrong’ by Hot Chocolate as a tip for the charts. A great record. Hit producer Mickie Most – he’s been at it for 20 years – has managed to find the right balance between the sound of the instruments and the notes they play. Add the characteristic voice of the bald Errol Browne and you will get that warm feeling inside. The composition happens to be Ricky and Marty Wilde’s, brother and father of Kim Wilde. Kim has recently released a follow-up to Boys in America and it’s called Chequered love. Alas, it’s the typical stupid commercial record company approach. What is this? Copying the (evidently) successful formula of Boys in America: the shouty choruses, the rhythm, the hooky bassline that comes up at the refrain. Oh, how dated, all that copying. And Kim was just on her way to becoming a big name.