Review – Kim Wilde

I like this one: the record company described how to recognise theft of music on the inside cover of an album. EMI: “With partly perfect methods of the underworld, buyers, sellers and copyrightholders are being frauded and lied to.” But you shouldn’t give “good money for bad products”, according to them. And finally: “Reporting music theft is selfprotection of users!”
OK, fine: I am a user. I would like to report that Kim Wilde, the English singer with her babyface, has stolen from Blondie, Hazel O’Connor, Robin Lane and others. This is probably also why the editors of “Bravo” have readily put her on the front cover of their magazine.

**** (for people, who wouldn’t recognise a 26-Mark-note as false money)
** (for people, who don’t like to throw good money out the window)