Review – Kim Wilde

Released in 1981 by RAK Records. Published in Portugal by Valentim de Carvalho. Produced by Ricky Wilde.

Kim Wilde wins the joy of singing during the year. Rarely do we see such an interpreter: a personal style, fortissimo, a tremendous force and joy, a voice that turns and turns us, that makes us always want to hear it, to let it there to calmly savor the charm of her presence.

Wilde girl won the hearts of youth with her “Kids in America”. This is about to bite with “Checkered Love”. These two songs, of course, are on the album. But there are others. In order not to overload the head, it is recommended, for example, the relaxed listening of “Water on Glass” and “Young Heroes”.

Unpretentious pop, but with good taste and with an interpretive quality, the music that Kim Wilde sings is limited, declared and obstinately, to pass the time cheerfully. It hits this goal perfectly. The father of the girl, who produces the album, is old in these wanderings, a fox that knows how to make records. On the other hand, the boys who give the strings and the music have the air of knowing well what they are doing, in a discreet, effective and without jolts.

Having said that, it is repeated in the following: our favorites are “Young Heroes” and “Kids in America”. Both songs have something of magical appeal, we would almost say that they look like hymns. Invariably, they provoke an irrepressible desire to play them over and over again.