Review – Kim Wilde

After the successful start of a new artist with a single-tryout mostly fast a hastily cobbled together LP is supplied later, which only in the rarest cases holds true what the single promised. So Kim Wilde was to be feared also in the case of the new English retort star that the debut album from thread Aufguessen of the pseudo-New Wave hit “Kids in America” was knitted. But the exempt private company (text and music to come from father Marty and brother Ricky Wilde) for the a-side nevertheless could be broken in a few eye-drawn numbers, which resemble each other stylistic all, but quite einstandig to work. The b-side was unfortunately filled up min to unite sentimental songs, which betrayed that behind that scarcely 21 year old Kim Wilde a grown concept, but a retort product does not hide itself. There help also the electronic package of some pieces and the interesting, easily fragile voice the lady no longer much.

Interpretation: good (A-side), just enough (B-side)
Sound quality: good
Manufacturing: good
Recording: 1981