Review – Kim Wilde

When “Kids Of America” ​​came on the market, I was totally gone. Finally no end time grunting! On top of that, Kim hit the chamber tone that triggers gentle muscle contraction. I could hear “Kids Of America” ​​in the morning to swing in and in the evening to swing out. In addition, Kim is beautiful and I look at myself in the mirror every day to research the first similarities. Nothing like that happened. Instead, there is now an LP and a single release to buy. Each piece is as beautiful as “Kids Of America” ​​or girlishly painful as the back “Tuning In Tuning Out”. There are no surprises. Only replenishment for all adolescence-shaken: “I want to be young, I want to be free”. Those are quite the demands. Maybe Kim should have been put over her knees more often so that she could get to know the hard side of life. But so constantly in the great outdoors with the animals and daddy and Ricky and possibly still central heating, that can only be a good thing. The backing group seems more familiar with the iniquity of life. It grumbles constantly in the background, skillfully used by the producer as a choir.

Oh Kim, I’ll get over my disappointment. It’s also hard to live up to the expectations that hits like “Kids Of …” and “Checked Love” raise. But whether the kid P. and the kids of America understand too?