Review – Kim Wilde

She is the Blondie type, only replacing the lived attitude of the New York platinum with a green and pleading look as an innocent / perverted teenager. His debut album was conceived in the family, with songs written by her father Marty (rock player with a good following in the early sixties) and by her brother Ricky, who is also the producer, and carefully supervised, with a particular attention to the use of rhythm. “Kim Wilde” is the typical product that reaches the top of the North European rankings, as has occurred in Finland, Sweden, Benelux, Germany and also in England, compiled according to gastronomic indications of immediate digestibility, whose rock and minielectronic spices offer flavor and taste. It is a pity that the richness of the contents is fugitive in front of the shimmering surface, that the compositional elaboration disappears in contact with the captivating dancability, that the in-depth study and inspiration are totally lacking in favor of the more casual mischief. Songs like Kids in America, You’ll never be so wrong and Water on glass (the three singles from the album) may well have sold a few million copies, but offer, in addition to economic security, very little to the definition of Kim’s personality , who also has significant chances having attended Art College and possessing an intense and persuasive voice. A clear case in which the sins of the fathers fall on the children, even if the success warns that perhaps the Wilde family should not be treated beyond measure.