Seeking success on the Wilde side

She’s Wilde, and very definitely willing – to be a superstar. Twenty-year-old Kim Wilde, whose “Kids in America” is No 1 this week, looks like achieving her ambition faster than anyone since the equally stunning Kate Bush.

And with more family support than the Godfather, there can be little to stop her meteoric rise to fame. From St. Albans in Hertfordshire, Kim is the daughter of 60s pop star Marty Wilde. Her brother, Ricky, wrote “Kids in America”.

It was through her brother that Kim got her first taste of a recording studio, singing backing vocals on his records. A record company heard the result and immediately signed her up.

“I’m very well placed for a career in the music business”, says Kim. But there are some part sof the music business that even her family can’t help her with. “The other night I was away from home and I spent the night by myself in a hotel – the loneliest experience I’ve ever had. I felt miserable.”

Apart from her determination, the most striking thing about Kim is her chocolate-box good looks – and she isn’t coy about them. “I’m vain and I’m an exhibitionist”, she says. “I like people looking at me and I’m not going to underplay myself. My femininity is there to be used.”