Smiling has been strictly forbidden for her!

Why Kim always looks into the camera with a sad pout.

Kim, whoever meets you in private and then sees you on the television screen or in photographs, does not come away from being astounded. Why? Privately you are happy and always laugh. On the images and during your performances you always show a pout like Brigitte Bardot. You often look so sad!
I’m not allowed to smile on camera! That is part of my image, which my record boss Mickie Most has thought up for me. You can believe it isn’t easy to always stay serious and to make this pout. Most of all because I really love to laugh and do silly things. But I also think that a smile doesn’t always work on camera. My mouth is so big…

Who do you mainly attribute the most services at your lightning career – your father Marty, record producer Mickie Most or yourself?
In any case my family and my education. Of course it was also important that my brother took the demo tapes to Mickie.

You have lived in boarding school for a couple of years. Would you send your own children to boarding school?
If I was honest I would have to say no. I would keep them in my house, but who can say that now? My father was on the road for months – toured through many countries. It would have been impossible for Ricky and me, to miss school for weeks and to be his companion…

You are 20 and still live with your parents. Why?
I have no problems at home and I don’t have the desire to move out. I often hear that my friends move out pretty soon and build their own lives. I have a great time, and I am free enough, so that it isn’t that important for me yet.

What type of man do you like?
I don’t want to get married yet. And I don’t have a boyfriend, although I know a lot of boys of course.