Star shots ID

Real name: Kim Smith
Date & Place of Birth: 18 November, 1960 – Chiswick, London. Now lives with parents and brothers Ricky and Martin in Hertfordshire
Star Sign: Scorpio. Sex is as important to me as it is to anyone else. I like the thrill of the chase. I’m a Scorpio and they’re incredibly passionate people.
Height: 5ft 5in (1.65m)
Weight: Variable
Hair: Blondish which I Clairol lightner
Eyes: Blue
Previous Employment: None really. Student at Hertfordshire College of Arts. Only jobs worked for a short time were in a hospital and as a sales assistant in Harrods
Status: Single. I don’t think I could love somebody for life and make it work. I would never give up my career for a man.

Favourite T.V. Programme: ‘The New Avengers’, ‘The Outer Limits’, ‘Faulty Towers’
Favourite Movies: ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’, ‘This Elvis’, ‘Don’t Look Now’
Favourite Records: ‘My Baby Let Me’ (Elvis), ‘Try a little tenderness’ (Sinatra), ‘Who’s sorry now’ (Connie Francis), ‘I’ve got you under my skin’ (Sinatra), ‘They don’t know’ (Kirsty MacColl)
Favourite Food: Japanese – especially Suki Yaki
Favourite drink: Cream Death (Cocktail)
What sort of boy attracts you? Tall, slim, dark people like David Bowie and Elvis Costello
What fame means to you: The opportunity of working and the respect of the music press.
Clothes: Jacket, Jeans, T/shirts, Boots – Feels most comfortable in worn-in men’s clothes that come from Oxfam shops because they’re convenient and cheap.
What do you think about death? It seems to me most strange that men should fear seeing that death a necessary end, will come when it will come (Julius Caesar – Shakespeare)
Car: Volkswagen Beetle, used to drive a Morris 1100.

The choppy blond-maned singer believes in doing things her way – even when it comes to her hair. “I have been cutting my own hair for years, ever since I was at college and couldn’t afford the hairdressers”, she says. “I started off having a Linda McCartney cut about five years ago and have maintained it more or less like that ever since.”

Although money is no object now, she still prefers to trim her own hair, although she admits that cutting the back can be a bit of a problem. However, when it comes to photographic sessions she concedes professional help and even allowed a stylist from Michaeljohn to trim her hair recently.

A girl in a million in many ways, Kim also admits that her hair “just does what I want it to and needs very little maintenance”. This comment must surely turn most girls’ hair green with envy.

“I shampoo my hair with whatever mum has in the house – usually a family shampoo like Vosene – and rarely use a conditioner, because it makes my hair – which is fine though a lot of it – too lank.”

Kim also likes to tint her mousey-coloured hair herself. “I lighten my hair with Clairol about every two months and just apply it where I think it should go – to give a slightly streaked effect.”

Continuing to break all the rules, Kim also admits to not brushing her hair – “because it makes me look too preened.”

“I just fluff my hair up with my fingers in the mornings”, she says. “and it stays full and fluffy because it has been finger-dried while my head is upside-down.”

Kim likes to wear make-up for appearances and when she’s out. “If you look drab then you’ll act that way too”, she explains. Her favourite items of make-up are brown eyeshadow, blusher to highlight her cheekbones and pale-coloured powder to give her a more even complexion.

However, she does like her skin to ‘breathe’ on weekends at her parents’ country home, and uses a face pack once a week. “I feel too much make-up is bad for my skin.” She also spends a lot of time cleansing and toning her skin. “It’s easy enough putting on make-up but a drag taking it off. But if you don’t take care of your skin, you soon begin to look a mess.”