Stunning: Kim and her records

Britain has recently given birth to a host of girl singers like Sheena Easton, Hazel O’Connor, Toyah Willcox, The Nolans, and Kirsty McColl (who you’re going to hear about soon with her single (‘There’s a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s Elvis’).

The hottest property of the lot is Kim Wilde who’s recently been on a PR tour around the world to push her two English hits ‘Kids in America’, ‘Chequered love’ and her self-named debut LP.

By now everybody must know Kim is the daughter of veteran rocker Marty Wilde who had hits in the ’50s with ‘Teenager in love’, ‘Bad boy’, ‘Donna’ and ‘Sea of love’. Her records are written by her father, and brother Ricky, produced by pop whizz Mickie Most and she has yet to perform with a live band in concert.

At the moment Kim Wilde is the best pop star of the 80’s and I’d swap you anything by Sting, Adam or Debbie Harry for either of her stunning singles. Her LP ‘Kim Wilde’ is an absolute must for all pop lovers. It is classically styled and full of empty lyrics that mean nothing at all, but played with tremendous flash and complete with catchy melodies.

Her favourite comedian is Groucho Marx, her favourite musician Joni Mitchell and her all-time hero is Vincent Van Gogh because ‘he was dedicated to what he was doing and no one gave him any aid apart from his brother’. ‘Chequered love’ has yet to chart in Australia while a track from her new LP ‘Water on glass’ has just entered the English charts.