The girl, whose manager forbade her to laugh: Englands new Rockstar is called Kim Wilde

When Desirée Nosbusch asked her about this in ‘Musikbox’, Kim Wilde came out with the truth: ‘Why I never laugh? Well, it’s part of my image, which Micky Most has given to me. He said, you shouldn’t let yourself be photographed while you are laughing. You should always look like you can’t be reached.’ Kim Wilde laughs: ‘Most of the time that’s really hard. Because privately I always laugh.’

The girl who is officially not allowed to laugh, has lots of reasons to smile, because with her song ‘Kids in America’ she shot to the top of the charts. Since her performances ‘Musikbox’ and ‘Musikladen’ she has become a household name in our country as well.

During the media exhibition she will appear in ‘Musikladen’ once again, because in the mean time Kim Wilde has released her long awaited LP. And her new single ‘Chequered love’ has all the qualities to become another big hit.

Kim Wilde, now 21 years old, was raised with music in her life: she is the daughter of famous artist parents. Her father Marty Wilde was one of the best Rock ‘n’ Roll musicians of England in the early Sixties and had six top ten hits in four years. Her first contact with music was automatically through her father. But it was him who wasn’t too thrilled about her interest in the music business. Kim’s brother Ricky, on the other hand, was allowed to tread in his father’s footsteps when he was just 12 years old.

But there came Micky Most, manager and a man with a ‘golden nose’ for rock music. He, who had already discovered Nancy Sinatra and Suzi Quatro, heard Kim Wilde one day, who was doing backing vocals for her brother. He wanted to hear more from Kim. And so brother and dad, who had put his reservations aside, composed ‘Kids in America’ for Kim.

Now the roles have reversed: brother Ricky plays in Kim’s band – dad is proud of his famous daughter.