The happy Wilde family

She started with “Kids in America” just a few months ago. The Americans call her an ‘overnight sensation’. The blonde Kim Wilde loves it and enjoys it all. Her first record became a world hit and while a chorus of insiders mumbled this was just a lucky shot, she scores again with “Chequered love”.

Father Marty admits he’s very surprised about the acclaim. As a rock singer he’s had many hits in his heydays, and when his young daughter told him she wanted to walk the pop road herself he decided to help her as well as he could.

He managed to enthuse Mickey Most, one of his old friends and still one of England’s most important pop producers, quite easily. Marty’s son Ricky was writing songs already for some time, so that worked out well. Together with dad he came up with the two hits mentioned before.

After the first recordings were finished dad was proud of his daughter. He thinks the result is rather good and adequate for a debut single. When the song is greeted worldwide he is a bit surprised, but his daughter acts like she never expected otherwise.

Kim knows what she wants. She sees the direction she wants to take her career towards. Father wonders whether she is realistic about this plan. And so this success forebodes a family drama. Marty, Kim and Ricky Wilde: three people with each their own vision of how to continue. Dad feels responsible for everything that happens with his daughter, so he wants to help her and shelter her from the ravines of the slippery slope of the rockstar.

Kim just wants to be independent. It seems incompatible with her newfound status as a popstar to go on tour holding hands with her father, so to speak. Still Marty thinks this has to happen because he knows what bizarre things can happen behind the scenes. In short: you can understand what is brewing there! The 20 year old singer already has a busy schedule. Australia and South Africa are visited this summer, followed by America and Japan. If it’s up to her she goes alone and father stays at home where his wife, plus 2-year old Roxanne and 5 year old son Marty deserve his attention. Out of four children, two are already working in pop.

Several record companies have tried to get father back on stage. The fact that he’s the motor behind two hits gives them faith. But father isn’t willing. He’s got enough on his plate. Maybe he can play in his daughter’s band, if he doesn’t act up.