The singer who hates the public

Published in
Il monello (Italy)
Written by
Fabio Malagnini

In the countries of central Europe she is already the top of the charts. She has never done a concert, because she says that people irritate her. Yet she has already sold a million records.

She contrasts with her dad, the look sullen and defiant, a daughter of our times. And Kim Wilde, the platinum-blond twenty-one year old, has made people in Britain, Germany, Netherlands and the Nordic countries forget about Toyah, Lio and Lene Lovich with one LP and a larger number of television appearances. But she never did a gig because she says that the public irritates her, yet she has already sold a million records, a record as to throw open the eyes of even Nikka Costa (although Kim is the daughter of art, her father is a British rock 'n' roller from the time of Cliff Richard and the Shadows).

Some critics called her a copy and a rejuvenated European Deborah Harry (the former blonde from Blondie). Kim reacts bored and rebellious: "I'm sick of this comparison with Harry, you only have to hear my music to understand that there is no relationship with her."

Today you're a star all over Europe, but wouldn't it come in handy in the future to have a look like Blondie in America, where she is almost more famous than Marilyn Monroe?
Let's be clear: I'd like to make myself known in the U.S. and I think that will happen soon enough, but I do not consider myself a product of export, a sort of Alfa Romeo, because in this case I'd rather be a Concorde.

To whom did you dedicate the song 'Cambodia'?
It's the story of a girl who lost her man in war. It happens every day for people who live and die fighting a war, whether in Cambodia or in Ireland. It is a song of love, but it does not contain a political message.

How do you live with your father?
Very well: he wrote the music and my brother arrangements.

Will you record some of his old songs?
I don't think so, for now I like the new ones.