To think I beat Spingsteen!

Huh? I have been elected this year’s best foreign artist?
Kim Wilde is exuberantly happy and surprised that she’s beaten rock’s other greats, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, and the rest of the battle for Rockbjörnen.
I am very astonished because I have not done so much advertising for myself in Sweden. Tell everyone that I am coming on tour in April.

Just over one year ago, Kim Wilde into a studio to sing background vocals on her brother Ricky and father Marty’s song “Kids in America”. But producer Mickey Most immediately decided that Kim would sing solo and she has not looked back since.

When we get a hold on her, she is en route to Spain to record a TV program, then it becomes TV in Germany before it’s time for the holidays.

“I have traveled around and done TV programmes in one year’s time”, says Kim. Sometimes “I do not know where I am.”
Kim Wilde is the new generation of musicians who launched via video and TV. She never stood on a stage and performed.
“I think it’s fun to do videos. It adds an extra dimension to the music.”
The videos matched Kim vamp and sex symbol. Kim thinks it’s part of the job and she doesn’t take it too seriously.
“Of course I am aware that we play a little on the sexual feelings. But sex has always been a part of rock, just look at Mick Jagger and Elvis Presley. I am the spirit of the singer in the first place. And that’s what that means something.”
Kim Wilde is just 20 years but has from the beginning been educated to become an artist. Her father was a legendary star on the ’50s and who does not remember her brother Ricky’s song “I’m an Astronaut”?
“Before I did “Kids in America” I worked as a background singer.”

First tour

Shortly after the turn of the year she begins recording her new LP and then she will be out on their first ever tour.
“I am both nervous and excited, but because I like to be in front of a camera, it must be just as much fun to stand in front of a live audience.”
Kim Wilde sings simple pop, often with a chorus that sticks directly in the head. So has she describes herself his music:
“It is a mixture of punk and new wave, disco and pop. But I feel free to try out the material I want.”

Two gold records

Many people are surprised that Kim Wilde became this year’s best foreign artist in Rockbjörnen’s poll.
“I am equally surprised myself, but Sweden is one of my strongest countries. I’ve received two gold records and my new single also selling well. Having been on TV twice also helped.”