What does Ricky mean to Kim Wilde?

Don’t hurt Kim Wilde because then you hurt her brother Ricky. And vice versa. Brother and sister Wilde are two peas in a pot. That hasn’t always been the case…

If there are two people on the face of this earth who are close to one another, it’s Kim Wilde and her one year younger brother Ricky. “I couldn’t have had it better”, says Kim about that. “Ricky is more than a brother. He’s a very good friend with whom I can talk about all my problems.” Kim looks at her brother for a moment. Then she continues: “We didn’t always have such a good relationship, though. I was always very jealous of him. Ricky was funny and very popular with everyone. I always called him names while I knew better deep down in my heart.”
“Yes, it’s true”, Ricky remembers. “I always called you a snitch. Whenever I did something, you were the first to tell mum and dad. I got a lot of punishment because of that!” Ricky has long since forgiven Kim.
“It is Ricky who has developed my own ‘sound'”, Kim continues. On top of that, he has written “Kids in America”, “Chequered love” and all the songs for the album “Kim Wilde” Γ‘nd produced them. And I’m very grateful to him for that.”
“Kim would like to write songs herself”, says Ricky. Then he continues laughing: “When it’s come to that I’ll take care of the career of my other sister, Roxanne, and my brother Marty. That would be the third generation Wilde in the pop business. But Roxanne, who is named after the hit single of The Police, is only 2 and Marty isn’t even a year old, so that will be some time from now.”
Ricky smiles and says: “For now I’ll just keep busy with Kim. Because that will be enough for now. We’re already working on new songs my father and me have written. Kim is at least as enthusiastic about them as we are and will certainly make these records another hit!”