Why does your daddy let you go alone?

Distance is not an obstacle to someone talking to Dzuboks. Kim Wilde answers some questions simply with “It is better to ask my dad”, while the other in their wise head have sober, right answers. She obviously on pop music knows more than ten of our singers together, watching the father pulled out the various lessons, and after all, firmly standing on the ground.
You loved history? Who is, then, Vasa Carapić? We will know direct line of kinship, but so is the name of our new contributor from Australia.

It’s a great feeling when someone in the distant Australia knows Džuboks. The lady, Sonja Hardie, representing RAK Records (we met for lunch organized by EMI in honor of Kim Wilde), did not take long to explain.
Kim appeared fifteen minutes after the scheduled time, simple and beautiful dressed. Very cheap and usually, without details. Blonde with big blue eyes that watched me constantly, extremely superior looks, as if he knew that kidnaps sighs of all men, wherever it occurs. In the act it feels great naturalness, in any metered move its full beauty and youth.
Drinking all the time lemon squash, smoking constantly. Kim was quite busy doing interviews. Sometimes, stretched out to the length of sofas and so, lying, answering questions. I do not believe that at such a time people can stop thinking … I do not think even that they want.
“I always wanted to be a solo singer. It was just a question of time, waiting for the right time, waiting for the right opportunity. I am glad that it did not happen earlier than it happened before I was doing background vocals. I went with my dad to some, one day. Together with my mom we worked on background vocals. I made a few demo recordings. So I had a chance to find out, if I can sing or not. In the studio I have a very full experience, but not a lifetime. I look forward to it quickly acquire, if I’m lucky. “
“I think everything is fine, as far as my young age (born 18 November 1960). Youth is on my side, I have a certain energy … I can not think of anything else I’d rather be doing. I feel ready to face with business. I think it would be a waste if we do not do it now. “

Let me start of singles, respectively …
Ricky composed the melody, “Kids in America”. That was the idea, because the music itself is full of energy and very busy. You get the impression of American lives because of this speed and I suspect that from there sprang the idea. Then arose the lyrics, also the impression of modern American life. In general it was not intended to make any social comment. This is precisely the only idea that my dad had. I recorded it as a demo tape and we brought in a company; Mickie Most thought it was going to be a hit. So he decided to release it in January in England and became a hit soon. He was right.
“Chequered Love” Dad wrote, but he did not have a title for it. He just wrote a song about two people who are so different from one another, but they somehow managed to be together, something like the opposite poles of a magnet. These are real difficulties in the relationship between two people. He had the title, as I said, and he asked me what I think about it. And I said you should call it “Chequered Love” (Chequered – “checkered”, the two fight “cubes”) It was out in England in May and came fourth in the charts.

In “Everything we know,” You changed your style …
Yes. We’re not going to do only one type of songs, one type of music. Our musical influences and tastes are very different and very wide. Naturally, we do not want to do just one thing, so we have to put something quick album tracks that we like, and ballads. I do not want people to think that we create only one kind of music, we want to make as much as possible more different things.

Menu is most like “You’ll Never Be So Wrong”.
This is my best. I love to sing ballads, because this is something I have never done. I remember, when I was recording, I felt very excited singing, I was very nervous, I had a lot of feelings in me. Very emotional, while I sang. We did it once, I did not overdub, as sometimes we do to get stronger vocals. This time we did not want to lose what we got in the first shot. Personally, this is one of my favorite songs. Hot Chocolate in England had its own version, it was something like a small hit, medium success… I wish they had put it on a single. I think it’s a wonderful song.

A new compositions on the album?
The new single in England, is “Water On Glass”. We have nothing more so far issued. I think we have, but has not yet been recorded. This will work when I get back to England.

You spent some time in Australia, as you seem to the local rock scene?
Unfortunately, there is a very strong American influence; There are also English, but quite a bit. Unfortunately, it is necessary to pass a long time until our appearance here, it says a lot about music. But at the same time, I saw a band called Models, I like them. He likes more Mondo Rock. I did not listen to a lot. Irrevocably, music and captures the deep roots here, realizing the impact force in many markets, especially the US. I think it gives more confidence and makes a better thing. It is good for a country that has its own musical identity, such as England and America have.

What is all affect you, and how you feel when people keep asking about the father?
It depends, of course, what they ask me. I do not care for questions about him, because he is a lot involved in what I do. Are you wondering what else?

Who influenced you?
Any and all. Not only music – events, people, the world, a way of life, everything has an impact on the music; not only to other people and other bands. I’ve always liked all kinds of music, I’m hard pressed to stick to only one. I identify myself with the whole music, from rock and roll to classical music through country, blues, pop, heavy, punk, everything together. You know, I’m a big wide open music, and for that I am grateful. I think it’s healthy.

Will you soon begin to write their own songs all by yourself, and what direction are you going to choose?
Yes, I would like to change the general situation, perhaps a human opinion. Then it was on them to change what they wanted to change. The most important thing for everyone is to be able to listen, more than talking. We have so many people who speak the same things, learn the same things, but not many who really listen.
That’s one thing I like to do: to tell people to listen more than you talk. But at the moment I make pop music, and I know what is pop music. She in my eyes has a great value, as well as every other kind of music. That’s what I am at this moment. You may be about to change when I’m older and when I had more time. I expect to have it. I’m not the kind of person who will be sitting down and saying, “It happened.” I did not, but at the same time, there is no way to do things more effectively. I think it’s just a matter of time before I start to write itself and really want to put a lot more to speak about things that I feel. At the same time, the song, a good pop song … If you sit, you feel are extremely miserable and if you hear the song, that good pop song, feel the bolkje and it’s worth it. For me, vrodnost Popmuzik is that we make Sretnja. Music should perhaps this thought provoking, but there is room for all types and all are equally important.
Writing music requires belief in himself. And Ricky and Dad have a lot of confidence, and mutual trust. Ricky finds it very difficult to write songs without dads, and vice versa. Each of them likes the idea of the other. I mean, when I build my own confidence, then I will start to write songs. Will it be good or not, I do not know. Again, if I publish it, it is quite another thing, but I’d love to. In fact, anyone who loves music, and I’d love to be that writing, as anyone who loves painting like to be able to create a certain image …
… For “Shane” I have actually never been a co-author. This is a misprint. This song was written by Ricky and Dad, about the movie “Shane”. Western, very sad. Sad to tears. Dad looked at it and immediately wrote a song about it. He is usually inspired by such things, that he personally happen. He not only wrote about ordinary things, much of what he writes has a deep meaning. And if on these songs really want to know something more, should not ask me that. It is better to ask my dad. I think no one can better explain the song of the one who creates, and what I make of it can be completely different from what he had as he wrote. Of course, I asked him what was going on there, but mostly to leave his interpretation, because that’s what that song makes my.

I know that your father was the rock scene, but again … so that each of us the idea of your father that he writes pop music?
I do not know, to be in a music business maintains and constantly young. Dad’s music very informed about everything that is happening in England, everywhere; buy new records. He loves Kraftwerk and Talking Heads, reads music papers, accompanied by all … I sympathize with what is happening to young people in England; very strict in political views, and loves music.

How is he to you influenced music?
I really can not tell you whether it is affected or not. All I know is that he was on me much more influence as a person. As a good, creative, informed personality. He is in my eyes usually sinless. I think it is an extraordinary person … but when comes to music, I listen to a lot of his music and was disappointed. At the same time, I am captivated him with good music, and when I go out, I’m looking for my music and there are many, many different influences. Tata for many of them had not heard for many of my pet he does not know, neither of them listened. As far as musical influences, I have always found them to herself.

Usually this is described as a girl who looks good, which is perfectly true, and then talk about your dressing, fashion, shopping, etc. What about books, attitude towards life …?
What do you want to talk about? It’s very difficult question … books … I do not read a lot of them, read some, but it is not really a big deal. I’m much more interested in scrapbooking. To listen to music, to watch it live. Also, I like a book. I usually do not have time to read, usually tired and I do not read, just go to sleep … philosophy … I do not know … I guess … very deep question and I can not answer if I do not get the right hint. I have too many ideas and views on all things. Your question, as such, covers a lot of different things, and it is very difficult to talk about it.

I’m not aiming at anything in particular, I wanted only to hear something on the other side of Kim Wilde. I expected you to tell me what you think about the problems in the world, such as hunger, for example?
Anyone who has a kind soul cares about things like starvation; you can not believe it still exists. Of course, every young person who grew up in the belief that it must be so. I must, you’ll ask why … in society you can ask, you can ask questions as much as you want and you’ll find yourself in the position that you hit your head against the wall, because nobody knows no answer to such questions. Why the troubles in the world, if you ask, could you tell me, or should you?

No, we did not understand. I thought that you are now in a position to say something to young people …
I do not believe in teaching the young generation, not by accident. I believe in the people themselves think about yourself, about the things that we observe around, the world. I do not think someone should tell them what to do. I think that in music there are places for social comment, but I do not agree that the whole music should be like that. Of course, some songs, some of which we write as such. But the dangerous thing to allow music to be so influential (or subject to the influence? – Ed.), In fact, it is important what you think about something. And if he believes music is extremely interesting, when you start to talk about basic things in life, I on them alone to decide, in their own way.

How do you feel now that you are from an ordinary girl suddenly became a star, when people rush to interview, ask you a number of pi thinner, recognize you on the street ….?
It’s just part of the business.

Do not you think these changes?
I hope, do not assume that I am not ment. I’m the same Kim Wilde and when I was ten, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, and I have not created the image that live in it. What people call my has geom, that’s just me. Kim Smith Kim Wilde. I mean, I look at my dad he was in his time was a big rock star and has not changed. He has many friends in the business, his friends are around where we live. It has a natural life, he was on the ground. There are the order of relevance things, loves his family, he loves people. I think it’s the basics that life is, just people, and have to have respect for them. The world is full of people and you have to learn how to live with them and you have to learn how to make them understand. This requires a lot of loosening, in particular in my position … and I think, I hope, that NECA change. And if she does change, it makes me feel better. You have to be positive, and this is something that I learned my dad, my dad is a very positive man. If I however was not aware of any changes in it, the worse, I would have stopped. Maybe I can change, but I often sit alone and watch yourself … if you’re lucky, and if your life is going as it should be, and when you hang out with good people, then you know that your life is OK.

Are you happy?
Yes, very.

Tell me just this: what are your next steps?
Ricky and Dad spend time writing, but when I get back to England, will record another album before the end of the year, I hope. I really do not know what I’ll do another.