Why Kim Wilde doesn’t smile

Kim Wilde is just a very nice girl. In a London studio she is recording some demo’s. The twenty year old singer is remarkably happy. And who could blamer her: she has had two hits within a couple of months! ‘I have always known that I would be a big success’, Kim says very self-assured. But first she has to explain why she isn’t allowed to laugh.

It’s very hot in London. In a real English pub Kim Wilde, dressed in jeans, says: ‘I don’t want to come across like a sex bomb. People always think of blonde, laughing girls that they are. Which is why I never laugh on photographs and in front of cameras. I’m not dumb, so I’m not going to laugh stupidly.’

Dyed blonde

But didn’t you dye your own hair blonde?
‘I have dark brown hair. I’ve also got a very stern look and with that colour I would look very gloomy. Blonde looked a lot fresher. I honestly didn’t do it to look like Blondie’s Debbie, like some magazines have written!’


Kims father is MARTY WILDE, who is not an unknown name for your parents. As a little girl, Kim regularly went along to gigs of her rock’n’ roll dad.
‘I’ve always known that I would be a singer’, Kim says. ‘It was just a matter of when to start. As far as I was concerned, it was taking too long already. I had to finish school first, but after school, I didn’t get many proposals.’
We never talked about it at home that daddy and my brother RICKY would do something for me, but Ricky was busy doing some songs in a studio and asked me to do some vocals. That turned out so well that daddy and Ricky sold it to a record company. It was recorded in ten minutes, as it should be. Everything has to go very quickly, I sing exactly like it should be done.’

Live gigs

Now Kim Wilde can hardly wait for the next step: her first real live concert, because the little singer has never performed live.
‘I want to get on the stage so badly, you have no idea. They could wake me up in the middle of the night to go. I have no idea how it will turn out of course. We are rehearsing with my band now. But I can sing well, so these concerts will turn out great!’
It must be great to be so self-assured. After our interview, Kim literally runs back to the studio; making records is much more fun than talking about them!