Wilde ‘n’ Wonderful: get looks that win like Kim!

Move over Sheena, Debbie, Kate, Toyah and Hazel, ‘cos Kim makes you lot gasping for your lip gloss! After the huge success with ‘Kids in america’, Kim’s really taken off to superstardom!

Kim’s background was a help to any grooming for the big time. Dad, Marty, was one of the all time ’50’s greats, and Mum was a dancer with the Vernons Gils. Talent’s not lacking in the Wilde family. Brother Ricky wrote tehir hit single and is an accomplished musician. And now Kim’s a superstar, too!

Those sexy, sultry, smouldering looks come pretty easy to Kim! Hairwise, Kim likes to wear her blonde mane in a layered ‘punk’ style. Carefully combed to given an unruly look.

Kim’s skin is super clear and just needs a thin layer of moisturiser to protect her from the harsh lights of the studio.
A soft peachy rose blusher brushed either side enhances Kim’s cheekbones.
Starting high up at the temple and making a triangle shape onto the cheek shapes Kim’s face spectacularly.
Kim’s eyes are dead sexy. Use the same technique yourself. Lots of black kohl is pencilled along the lower rim, smudging a little at the outer corners. For the top eyelid a creamy brown shadow is smeared all over, getting deep into the inner eye corners and winging right out at the side.
A dab of gold powder shadow in the centre of the top lid will add some sparkle!
Lashings of mascara top and bottom will do the job perfectly!
If eyeborws are a bit faint then pencil in with a soft brown eyebrow pencil in short feathery strokes.
Oooh! Those sexy lips! Get yours luscious too and don’t overdo it!
Very gently outline the lip outline with a pale lip pencil. Accentute your cupid’s bow, the points at the top of your mouth.
Smear over with a light coloured lip gloss, then add some more to the centre of the bottom lip with a clear gloss. Now you’re ready to pout!

When it comes to dressing up, Kim likes dressing down! Nothing new is her motto. Clothes that are worn in like faded jeans and old men’s jackets are more likely to catch her eye. In fact she only wears fellas’ cast off! Bet your guy wouldn’t mind lending her a thing or two!