‘All Wilde rumours’ says Kim

I see that Kim Wilde’s British label Rak Records have hit out at recent press reports concerning their money-spinning starlet.
According to the papers our Kim had signed to an American deal with Capitol Records and the figure mentioned was a staggering £1,5 million.

Not so, say Rak, who claim the story was pure fabrication. Kim has signed an American deal but the company in question is EMI. EMI already had a deal with Rak – except in the States. So Kim and Mickie Most went to America to arrange for EMI to cover that territory as well.

As a result her records will be issued there by EMI Liberty. It was just a question of tying up loose ends, say Rak, and no money whatsoever was involved. Either way our Kim is doing very nicely thank you, and the seven-figure sums are certainly a far cry from the days when she was a lowly student at St. Albans Art College.