Can you see me

What are you supposed to do when you’re going to make a review of a concert and the audience have left their brains at home and just adore their idols because their name is Genesis. You can either shut up or leave. I chose the last one mostly because the Broendby Hall has an extremely bad sound. The drums sound like deep thuds and Genesis perform a synthesizer-solo as if it was pure art and then it’s just simple gamut practise.

A lot less was at stake in the Falkoner Theatre when the new teenage idol Kim Wilde met her young Danish audience in an atmosphere that was very loud but without the big gap between the fans and the star.

‘Kim is ours’ the sound of applauses ‘said’ to Kim standing with a Marilyn Monroe-look and a sharp boice accompanied by musicians swinging to the cathcy new wave-pop songs whereas the Genesis audience sighed ‘Ohh – how good they are – wish I was just as good’. The show became very touching in the end when Kim made a lady-like curtsy and shook hands with the front audience.

She has the fans she deserves whereas Genesis has an audience accepting the unacceptable. They could take a lesson from miss Wilde!!