Close-up: Kim Wilde

Idol: Kim Wilde
Profession: Rock singer
Home Country: England (London)
Date of Birth: New Year’s Eve 1960 [Obviously incorrect –]
Breakthrough: “Kids in America”.
Latest Hit: “Cambodia”, at the time of writing the best selling single in Sweden.
Worth Knowing: Kim is the daughter of the old rock star Marty Wilde, who could be found on the English charts during the early 60’s. He is now her record producer and songwriter, along with the producer Mickie Most. Kim’s proud of her father. She’s got all his records and listen to them frequently. But she avoids talking about him. She feels that it’s hard living up to all the things that he stood for.
Image: Kim is launched as the Brigitte Bardot of pop, with lots of make-up around the eyes and pouting lips. And as a result she has managed to become something of a sex symbol. But she does not take that too seriously. She likes playing with sexuality. Sex has always been a part of rock, just look at Mick Jagger and Elvis, Kim says.
Tours: Kim is almost always travelling. But it’s not a question about any actual tours. As of yet, she’s not given any concerts, but has instead been travelling around participating in TV shows in various countries. She thus belongs to the new generation of musicians who are launched via video and TV. Personally, she enjoys making videos. It adds an extra dimension to the music. But this summer, she will debut in front of a live audience. It feels both nervous and exciting, Kim says.
Civil Status: Unmarried, unengaged. Doesn’t like getting out too much, preferring the tranquility and security of a quiet family life. She grew up under such conditions. Ever since she was four years old, her dad Marty’s been employed by a record company and spent time at home with the family.