How long will Kim Wilde be alone?

Kim does not have a boyfriend, but she isn’t really looking for one. Kim is however looking for a new band. A band to go on tour with…

If there is one artist whose career is going well, it is Kim Wilde. Last year the now 21-year-old singer broke through in Europe with the song “Kids in America”. Her second single “Chequered love” was also a big hit. And the new 45 “Cambodia” is Kim’s third one. The English singer has had a very busy time indeed. She travels all around the world for interviews, press conferences, photo sessions and TV appearances. Rome, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris… Kim has already seen most of Europe’s big cities. At the moment the famous singer is preparing a new album together with her father Marty and her younger brother Ricky which should be in shops very soon.
“Cambodia was one of the first songs which we recorded for my new LP”, Kim said recently in an interview with a German journalist. “But we thought the song was so good, that we decided to release it as a single.” And it was successful, as you know.
“Cambodia was written by my father, who contrary to me is very interested in politics and world events. The song is about the wife of an American pilot who dies during the war in Cambodia. It is a sad song, very different from “Kids in America” and “Chequered love”.
After a short pause Kim says: “We are looking for musicians for a new band, which I will tour with this year. I get hundreds of letters from fans every day who would like to see me play live. Unfortunately we haven’t found anyone who’s eligible for the job yet. So for the moment we’re at it alone. Although my dad and Ricky are still there. It’s thanks to them that I am successful right now. And I’m very grateful for that.”