How to: Walk on the Wilde side!

19-year-old Sally’s a great fan of Kim Wilde but she never dreamed that she could even slightly resemble her, let alone almost be Kim’s double! So follow our easy steps and you too could surprise yourself…

  1. Here’s Sally before her transformation.
  2. Lee starts on the hair. The overall length wasn’t too far from the desired look but it was necessary to layer the top more to get that ‘punky’ messy effect.
  3. One of Kim’s best features are the many blonde highlights in her hair. As Sally had plain brown hair this next step was a very lengthy one. Grant, the colouring specialist, took over and started by dividing the hair all over the head into sections. Every other section was painted with a platinum bleach solution and wrapped in an individual tin foil parcel. Two hours later it was neutralised, washed and wrapped in a towel so as not to disturb the make-up.
  4. Next Michelle and Karina from Biba set to work on the make-up. English Rose Gloss Foundation was applied and set with Loose Powder in the same shade. Eyes were dusted all over with Freesia Powder Eyeshadow and emphasised with Green Powder Tint brushed along the sockets and browbone and Dark Pearl Brown Powder Tint winging out from the outside edge of the socket. A spot of Gold Powder Eyeshadow was smudged onto the middle of each lid to make them more prominent. Kim favours heavily smudged eyes so the Kajal Pencil in black was drawn under each eye and smudged with a brush, followed by a lashing of Black Roll-On Mascara.
  5. Kim doesn’t need much blusher to accentuate those great cheekbones so Karina used Contour Powder in Sunshade on Sally’s cheeks, which is a fairly subtle peach shade. Cheekbones were highlighted with Freesia Eyeshadow.
    The final make-up stage is Kim’s most striking point – her sensuous lips. Sally’s were outlined with Red Lipliner smudged and filled in with Hazy Day Lipstick and plenty of lipgloss in the same colour.
  6. Sally’s hair was scruffily blow-dried and lightly tonged on top to finish off the look. You’d have though the was the star herself!

Hair by Lee and Grant from Ocean Boulevard, Tavistock St., London WC2. Tel. 01-240 1432. Make-up was by Michelle and Karina from Biba Cosmetics.