“I learned about skin care in Jackie!”

When you’re as good looking as Kim Wilde you must have a few beauty tips worth sharing. But when we met up with her we discovered she really doesn’t need to bother!

One of the first things you notice about Kim Wilde is just how beautiful she is close up. When we met her, she had hardly any make-up on, yet she still looked stunning. Her skin is perfect, with not a spot in sight. How did she do it, we wondered. Would she reveal her beauty secrets, so we could all go home and copy them?

“I don’t actually do anything much”, Kim told us. She may be beautiful but finds working at looking beautiful a bit of a bore! She admits she doesn’t really have any beauty secrets and doesn’t spend a lot of time on her looks, but luckily for her she doesn’t have to! Before we started taking photographs Kim decided she’d better go and put a bit of make-up on. She came back, just five minutes later, with a bit of blusher, a little mascara and just a touch of lip colour, ready to face the camera for close-up beauty shots!

It doesn’t seem fair that someone can look so good with so little effort! Surely there’s something she must be doing right? Her skin is immaculate – so we asked her what she did about looking after it. “Oh, nothing really, just the basics”, she told us. “Cleanse, tone and moisturise?” we asked – perhaps there’s a secret or two here, we wondered. “Yes, I do all that stuff – when I remember! My mum taught me the baics – I just tak make-up off. You know, I used to read all about that in Jackie!”

:Looking at her now, she must be doing all the things right! With her busy life-style involving a lot of flying off  all over the world and many very late nights, the odds are definitely against her looking a hundred per cent, all the time.

“I’ve just come back from America. It was a really hectic trup, we went to Las Vegas and Los Angeles and I was really shattered when I came back. I really do need a lot of sleep, and I’ve only just caught up on it now!”

So sleep obviously plays an important part in looking good – as we all know. If you’re not getting enough sleep your skin and hair are the first things to suffer. “I also gave up smoking, which has helped my skin a lot”, Kim told us. Did she have a special diet or any secret beauty foods she wears by? “No. Nothing really! I do try to take vitamin pills every day, but I’m always forgetting!”

Her hair, like her skin, always looks fantastic. But there’s no point in rushing out to Kim’s hairdresser to get a style like hers, as Kim cuts and colours her own hair! “Until very recently I’ve always cut my own hair. I just chop the front short and bleach it myself. I don’t wsee why you should spend all that money when you can do it yourself just as easily at home!”

You’d expect international stars like her to have a team of experts on hand to work on her looks – but Kim has nothing to do with all that! Her attitude to make-up and the way she looks is like her attitude to life – she’s a very natural, easy-going person who doesn’t take herself or her own beauty too seriously.

And in a business where so many people are obsessed with looking better than anyone else, it’s refreshing to meet someone who looks great – without even trying.