I was ugly and sad!

Kim Wilde shoots more of her sweet secrets to Vi Unge.

It was incredible! Four single plates in Denmark, four number one hits, four times 25,000 copies. She has been the most strenuous girl hit in untimely times, has passed Suzi Quatro’s record, it has just gone unbelievably for Kim Wilde with the four pearl singles ‘Kids in America’, ‘Chequered Love’, ‘Cambodia’ and ‘View from a bridge’.
She can just stay on!
A mix of pop and new wave girls, called rock music’s response to Brigitte Bardot, whose Debbie Harry from Blondie was the answer to Marilyn Monroe.
But until 18 months ago, Kim Wilde actually felt like the typical teenager writing to the letterboxes because she is very uncertain of herself.
That’s right, I felt ugly and unhappy flattering. In school, I thought for a number of years that I was one of the cruelest and most clumsy girls, and I always enviously shivered the girlfriends who were in the boys’ spotlight and who were self-confident. I dreamed I was every possible other than the one I was.
Do not you think all the girls have been through a period when they are wonderfully dissatisfied with themselves? I stood in front of the mirror and no matter what clothes I was wearing or what makeup I put, I felt like I was laughing. I had rubbish with my personality, could not accept it!

Childhood and youth

Kim Wilde, 21, is daughter of rock star Marty Wilde, 42, and of course that background meant something. – Probably I’ve heard more music than most. I have always dreamed of becoming something about the music.
My schooling was pretty ordinary, I was not a big talent in any subject, I do not think I’m looking forward to a long-term academic education. After school I went to an art school school. It is art schools that are very common in England, but actually give more general education than the opportunity to acquire a name as an artist. If all the painters who went to art schools were to live by it, all English people should spend half of their manpower on paintings.
Of course, Kim Wilde went to concerts and heard records before she herself broke through. – I liked Clash, Madness and Arrow. Today, I still prefer the little more progressive music, but admits that a group like the Grand Prix winners Bucks Fizz has also done well and although they are in many ways racial, they are strange and clever to Watch pa and listen to. The typical group created by advertising – but still has something to offer! At the other end, I also like Frank Sinatra – he’s great, that made him use the voice!
It’s no wonder, I’ve been taken care of by him, my dad has more than 100 records with him at home!

Fashion and style

Kim Wilde thinks it’s fun, youngsters today have become very conscious of fashion and old style directions. She is even one of those who could find a less fortune buying an old jukebox or ice cream machine from the 50’s and setting it up in the department of the grandparents’ big house, which is her – until she moves out.
“It’s good to gather things that have style and appearance, it’s no matter whether it’s from the 30’s, 40’s or 50’s.
“In general, I think people were much more beautiful in the 40’s and 50’s than they are today in the uniform look of cowboy trousers and sweatshirts, of course, it helps to explain that there is a lot of nostalgia in time.
“It does not mean I’m looking for the old-fashioned girl in a skirt, there’s a queen in her home – and does not matter outside. The women’s liberation has been one of the most important events in this century. There is no reason to trivialize women who blame for the lord – or ridicule them like lesbian duller.


Recently there have been rumors of a warm friendship between Adam Ant and Kim Wilde – but they will not say anything about it at all.
“Let me say so much that Adam Ant is one of my idols that I have dreamed warmly about. But, by the way, I have no dream of letting me tie to someone for the time being. I want to be free, I want to have 4-5 good years in the rock industry before I start to think about getting back and at the moment everything is so hectic that I could not possibly have a fixed relationship while I was On the top.