Kim finds success

Hello again, pop pickers! After last week’s Top of the Pops, a lot of questions are being asked about the lead singer of Culture Club. Is it a him or a her? Well, I can definitely tell you it’s a him, she told me so last week.

Last week I had the good fortune to interview the lovely Kim Wilde. She certainly seems to be a fairly bubbling girl, full of confidence, which is something of a change from when I first met her. She was only 15 and at her first recording session.

When I mentioned to her that I was there at this first ever session – she was a contender for A Song for Europe where she was singing Tra la la la Europop backing vocals – she was knocked out as this was her first ever paid studio session.

Not that she remembered me being there mind you! I thought she was a very pleasant girl, but our Radio Tees receptionist did comment that she did have dirty fingernails! Well you can’t win them all! Kim is on tour at the moment doing her first live solo dates, although she has acted as backing vocalist for her dad on other occasions.

However, for an artist like Kim, well produced videos work better than any tour ever could. Her dad Marty and brother Ricky, who write the songs, are often helped out by Kim who’ll chip in with the odd line or note here and there. And, of course, brother Ricky also produces her singles and LPs in the studio.

I don’t think her current single Child Come Away is as imperssive as some of her initial hits and she may need to stretch a bit further afield than her dad and brother if her career is to continue as successfully.