Kim prefers to take up the scissors herself...

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Popfoto (Netherlands)

When you see Kim Wilde, you get the impression she spent hours in front of the mirror doing her make-up. But don't make a mistake! Kim doesn't take as much care of her looks as you'd think...

She is called the "second Blondie" sometimes. And that's not for nothing. Kim - whose fourth single "View from a bridge" was just released last month - has also dyed her hair blonde, has a pretty face and a good figure. On top of that Kim, just like Debbie Harry, doesn't take so much care of her looks. Even if it seems like she spends hours in front of the mirror. Popfoto asked Kim more about that. "I cut and dye my hair myself", says the 21 year old singer. "The original colour of my hair is brown. But a few years ago I got so bored with that, that I decided to bleach it. At the same time I had it cut by a barber. I didn't have the slightest idea what model hair I should use. The barber advised me this hairdo. These days I cut my hair myself. That's easy because it doesn't really matter much whether it's uneven or not, you can't really see it."
Kim paused and went through her hair with the hand before continuing: "I don't give a lot of attention to my clothing either. Just like anyone else I buy my clothes in boutiques and on the market. No, I don't have a clothing advisor, I think that's nonsense. And I don't have someone to make clothes either. I prefer regular clothes, then I'm satisfied. How do I do my make-up?", Kim answers our next question, "really simple as well. Some rouge on my cheekbones, some eyeshaduw and a line of kajahl under my eyes, and some lipstick on my mouth. When I look a little pale, I use a coloured creme as well. But the basis is always a good daytime creme, protecting my skin from dirty air and the like. And then I'm done. Of course I take care what I eat as well. No fat things, but fresh vegetables and fruit. Because when I'm in front of the camera, I can't have any pimples."
Kim concludes, "You have to make sacrifices when you want to be famous. But I don't mind. I always dreamed of this success and I finally got it!"