Kim sent them ‘wilde’

Singer Kim Wilde rocked Gloucester last night with a show that had her Leisure Centre audience waving, shouting and finally standing on their chairs. For about one and a half hours, the 5ft 5ins blonde bombshell really socked it to ’em, never once letting the pace drop. Her energy and vitality was fantastic, especially considering that she is near the end of her first British tour, which has been going since the beginning of this month and has performed almost every night to packed audiences.

Her show is loud (perhaps a little too loud for her voice at times) with lighting effects that are spectacular (especially during her hit single ‘Cambodia’) and her band back her with just as much enthusiasm and energy as she portrays.

She sings tracks from her two albums ‘Kim Wilde’ and ‘Select’, including hit singles like ‘Kids in America’ and ‘View from a bridge’, and featuring her new chart single ‘Child come away’. She also offers an oldie from the ’60s, ‘When the boy’s happy’, by the Four Pennies, a song which she says is a special favourite of hers.

Kim Wilde has been very successful in her recording career during the past few years. She has had hits in Germany, France, Holland, Scandinavia and Belgium as well as here. she now looks like being just as successful with her British tour which started in Bristol and is due to end in London next week.

During the tour she has been accompanied by a TV camera crew from Thames television. They were with her last night in Gloucester and are producing a special documentary about her tour which is due to go out on New Year’s Eve. On the programme it should be possible to catch a glimpse of Kim at the Leisure Centre – the night she ‘sent them wilde’.