Kim Wilde: a girl who wants it

Translated for Wilde Life by Chrystel

With one single, just one, «Kids in America», Kim Wilde has made the whole of Europe and America shiver. With her voice and her physique, it did not take long for the crowds to go mad and that’s not surprising! It’s not such a long time ago that Kim has felt something happening with her vocal chords, the kind of feelings real singers can feel. She was 17 (only yesterday really, because she is still only 21) when Kim decided of her orientation. «Before that I was searching myself,it took me a long time to mature, a lot longer than most of my friends but today I’ve decided to catch up. I really want it as we say, more and more. I know that I can do it and that I can go far and better and better».
Actively supported by her dad who writes her songs, and by her brother Ricky, who does the music, Kim works in the family circle. «Sometimes it is not very stimulating, she says, but at the same time, I would not find anywhere else the kind of complicity that unites us. They know me more than anybody else, of course».
That’s why Kim still lives at home with her parents near London. «I don’t like being on my own and still, I’m thinking of moving into a flat near the centre, so I can have time to look around the fashionable little shops. I love it, and also to be able to live my own life. Fly with my own wings in fact!».
Kim sees her life in a very traditional way: she confesses to really want to be a mum, «but first I need to find the charming prince. But as recently I found out in an English tabloid that I was going to get married to Adam Ant, or may be with Jona Lewie, I don’t really know anymore…!