Kim Wilde arrives today: Almost 300 took part in the competition for tickets

[Translated for Wilde Life by Tim Nielsen]

Almost 300 sent in solutions for our competition for Kim Wilde tickets. Many had assumed that the 20-year old idol, who is about to give concert tomorrow at 20:00 and thereby is having her world premiere in Slagelse, was American, but Kim Wilde is English.
The interest in her concert is quite enormous, over half – that means more than 1200 seats – have been sold. But there are still tickets for sale from Fona and Holm Radio.

The 20-year old teenage-idol by the way arrives to Slagelse already this afternoon and Thursday evening all the large equipment and light-show will be in place, so that Kim Wilde has a chance to rehearse the show in the night, before it starts Friday evening.

Out of fear of a siege, it is secret where Kim Wilde will be staying during her visit in Slagelse. Many fans have in the last days tried to find out where
she and her band will be staying, therefore extra security precautions have been taken in connection with the stars visit as well as a bodyguard has been hired.

Kim Wilde is definitely one of the biggest idols of the 80’s, her records selling in enormous numbers daily. Her career is taken care of by one of Englands most respected producers, Micky Most, who has said that Kim Wilde is not just going to be a flashlight on the nightsky of pop. She’s a natural talent, who will have a steadily increasing fancrowd.

The arrangers of the worldpremiere in Slagelse, the sportassociation “De Tre” that everything is ready for the concert and the Antvorskovhall will be fitted completely with chairs, there will be no standing places. The ticketprices are from 110 to 135 kroner for the best seats.

The winners:
The following 10 ST readers are going to the concert tomorrow evening for free:
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