Kim Wilde: at home she can’t bear it anymore

Family life was more important to her than anything. Despite her 21 years she was still living with her parents. Now she moves out. Bravo betrayes you the reasons…

Kim has had enough: mountains of clothing are lying in the corner of her girl’s room while her closet has since long been closed because of overstocking. And just when she needs it, her VW Beetle (red, made in 1971) isn’t working. The make-up stock (buying make-up is Kim’s remedy against rage!) can’t be found in the chaos of her room either.
It has to end, decided Kim because of this and sought her own apartment in the North of London, which she is decorating in Art Deco style at the moment.
That wild parties will take place there soon, will not have to be feared by her parents. Kim knows exactly what she wants and she is working very hard on herself: every day Kim goes out jogging – no matter where in the world she is at that time – for 20 minutes, she has quit smoking, and also her biggest fault, jealousy, has she combated successfully. Kim: “When I get annoyed, I just put on my walkman”.
Along with her first own house Kim, who is climbing the charts with her new single “View from a bridge” (the video is coming soon!), afforded herself a white BMW Cabrio with a black roof.
The only disadvantage to Kim’s new life as a bachelorette: her parents and little Roxanne (whom Kim always buys a doll for when she goes to other countries) won’t be near her so much anymore. Kim: “Despite this I do need my own world.”
She doesn’t have a steady boyfriend. Boys like “Tenpole Tudor”-singer Bob Kingston, Steve Strange and Adam Ant (“a sweet guy, but not the man for me!”) she coldly denied.
So what does her dream man look like? Kim: “He can’t be a heavy metal fan, he shouldn’t boss me around and he must be able to listen to me instead of constantly talking himself.”
About girls Kim has her own opinion as well: “I find women boring, their only goal is to marry and to have children. A girl has to be independent from men and also professionally.”
And that is something Kim has already succeeded in.