Kim Wilde at the Dominion

Kim Wilde’s first London show was a lively success within the scale of its own limited ambitions. But despite her obvious sexuality and gusto, the event was hardly breathtaking.
It simply consisted of a straightforward presentation of the 21- year-old singer performing her best numbers backed by an orthodox and unadventurous rock band.
Clearly nobody had decided to spend any money or time on dressing up the concert beyond providing a basic lighting system and a few wisps of dry ice.
On a more disappointing level the show did not give any indication where Kim’s tastes and talents lie beyond being a pop star and sex symbol.
She did give rousing treatments to numbers like “Chequered love”, “Kids in America” and “Our town”, which in their way are marvellous anthems of teenage life.
On a slower ballad she also proved she has a strong voice which can be stretched even further in the future.
But sooner or later she’ll have to break away from being a marketable commodity put together by her songwriting brother Ricky, producer Mickie Most and father Marty Wilde.