Kim Wilde confesses: “I’ve never been in love”

This year Pop/Rocky Hammer winner Kim Wilde wants to go on her first tour – and also perform live in Germany. Pop/Rocky talked to the blonde Pop princess about her tour plans. And a lot more…

Someone closes the door of the dressing room from the outside and turns the key. Footsteps walk away. Now we are totally alone: Kim Wilde (22), chosen by the readers of an English Pop magazine as the sexiest English singer, and Pop/Rocky…
“My manager only does that, because otherwise photographers barge in and photograph me in unfavourable positions”, explains Kim.
The daughter of the English popsinger Marty Wilde is now two years in the business. And she is already the most favourite rock singer in Germany, like the Pop/Rocky Hammerwahl has proved. Maybe it’s because Germans prefer blondes?
“No, it’s not that”, says Kim. “My own hair colour is brown anyway. My success is the result of a combination of good songs, which my father and my brother compose, and a good management.”
What’s with her lovelife? Lately she has been linked to a variety of successful rock stars. With Steve Strange for instance. Was that right?
“I went out to dinner with him once and that was very nice. Photographers disturbed us. That was a pity.”
And what was it with Adam Ant? Did he really appear in one of her dreams?
“Yes, that’s true. The papers wrote a lot of rubbish about me. But this Adam Ant dream is true. The dream was full of lust. But I won’t say any more about that. It’s private.” She giggles. More than dreams she doesn’t seem to have in common with men. Because right now Kim makes a confession. “I have never been in love at all. I haven’t met any guy which has brought on a feeling of love in me. All these stories in the press about my lovers are all wrong and full of lies. When I would be in love, the object of my affection would be right beside me right now.”
Kim Wilde, who is in fact called Kim Smith (“Kim Smith sounds a bit dull for a pop singer, that’s why I used the same pseudonym as my father”) lived in her parents’ house until now. But soon that will change. “I have bought an apartment in London and I will move in there pretty soon. Not, that I got tired of living with my family, but I would like to shape my own life now.”
She will take the Pop/Rocky Smurf with her, which has resides on a bookshelf in her room at her parents’ house.
But musically there are also a few big changes with Kim Wilde. One is the new album “Select” which is going to be released soon. The second thing is her live work. Until now she has not performed live. “The success of the first single ‘Kids in America’ was such a surprise, that I had no time to prepare for concerts or a tour”. But still this year she wants to go on a big European tour.
“The dates haven’t been set yet. But it’s certain that the tour will take place this year. I think it’s better to have waited. Now the fans, thanks to my hits and both my LP’s, have a better view of my music. And they can enjoy it more.”
Surprisingly Kim is not afraid for first ever concerts. “I am not afraid at all. What could happen… Well, maybe I will forget my lyris. I don’t know what it is to be on stage for 45 minutes or longer and make an audience satisfied. But I will do my best. Of course we will do reheaarsals before we go on tour, so that it will be a good set.