Kim Wilde: congratulations!

Never “child of the ball” was it more than this beautiful blond Englishwoman with the mane of little lioness who broke the ceilings of all the “hit parades” thanks to three songs only: “Kids in America”, ” Cambodia “and” View from a bridge “… Indeed, the songs that Kim Wilde sings are written by her brother Ricky and her music is composed by her father, Marty Wilde, famous pop singer of the Sixties. Kim’s mother, she was part of a famous female band known as “The Vernon Girls”…

With such a pedigree, the pretty Kim can only have her head firmly planted on her shoulders: “My celebrity did not change my character at all!” she said… “For five years, I’ve lived in exactly the same way, I still hate luxury stores, I love buying my clothes at the Kensington market, I’m cutting my hair and combing my hair. – And when I want to make a gift, I always buy it in an Oxfam organization store … And what I like most is the day of my birthday, because then I have my whole family around me!”

She’s lucky, little Kim … She just celebrated her twenty-second birthday last Wednesday, just ten days before Christmas.