Kim Wilde: Don’t touch the white woman…

It was a good time in the kingdom of England, two young kids, Kim and Rick, who saw their cribs to address the fairy Rock and Roll. Naturally, when the age came, the boy tried his luck in the jungle of charts. But Oh! surprise it’s the girl who proved more adept there, much to the damn of dad, Marty Wilde, rocker before the eternal. Well then astonished, the park and the son did not take long to recover and took charge of the destiny of the child. The results were not long to wait and songs with Marty Wilde and the production of Rick, little Kim splashed the face of the world in a myriad of hits as light as they were solid.

Her first single ‘Kids in America’ reached 15 million units, followed by ‘Chequered love’ and the latest ‘Cambodia ‘, which made her the new darling of the 80s. This is a family business, the core of triumphant capitalism, which carries the hopes of Miss Kim Wilde.

Rak records is used to support the invasion waves. His boss, Micky Most, another rocker in front of the eternal (who knows a lot), knows her voice as she did backing vocals on her brother Rick’s singles.

And music, you say? He well, Marty Wilde, he left the scene as quickly as he had taken it by assault, however, has never stopped writing for others, for example, Status Quo and thus it has a remarkable flair for air time (read hit potential). In this regard, the last disc of Kim Wilde ‘Select’ is a flawless and each title may appear in the charts without much problemens. The rhythm is undoubtedly techno or disco-pop unit and produces a sound that was very difficult to find in the texts and themes of songs as diverse as in “ego” (no comment!) “Just a feeling “or” cambodia “(not the Dead Kennedys). This is the problem of Kim Wilde singing melodies custom but over which it affixes a voiceprint, and if in the future it promises to get your hands on the dough, may have to ask this question : Who is Kim Wilde?

To answer this question, very few elements: a biography by too succinct and this image is distilled through the video of Cambodia, remember?
We see Kim extended on a layer surrounded insect whose forms we are concealed by a sheet / net most unwelcome, whereas outside are displayed, through a blur sweetened, horror of war aesthetics. It therefore appears attractive but inaccessible. Such as mosquitoes, look / feel of the viewer are crushed, powerless to pierce.

Kim Wilde is anti Blondie, she excites because she conceals as the schoolgirl disturbing the forties. She materializes prohibited, she is the little sister of the world look a tad but causing fear of incest blocking us. It is not the sex symbol, an image very clever, a product may be manufactured too. Do not be overwhelmed by the inaccessible Kim, there is the music: look at your partner (he or she) swoon on “Cambodia” and melt on “Take me tonight” is the success assured, this is Kim Wilde.