Kim Wilde is devoted to life

In appearance, Kim Wilde resembles Marilyn Monroe. She is the daughter of rock and roll musician Marty Wilde and hit last year with the song Kids in America. The album and the new single Cambodia did just as well. Her agent is none other than Mickie Most, who brought people like Smokie and Suzi Quatro to their peaks.

“I’m only here for two years and know I’ve got a long career ahead of me,” said Kim Wilde. “But I’ve worked a lot to get there now. I’m as lucky to have my father and my brother, Ricky, to support me.”

Ricky Wilde has written most of the songs Kim sings, including the songs on her latest album, View from a Bridge. Kim claims to have the desire to negotiate himself, nothing will be the case on the nest.

“My father Marty and brother Ricky enjoy writing songs and, moreover, Ricky just produces for me,” Kim says. “Otherwise, I think as well as being an actress. I have a good eye for drama and I can easily get into stories.

Many of Kim’s lyrics bear witness to her empathy, as she says that her widespread crossbreed has a lot of life-threatening.
Kim loves old songs by Frank Sinatra and Connie Francis, even though she also has a comedy of Bowie, Lou Reed and novelties like Haircut One Hundred.

“No singer has succeeded in surpassing Frank Sintra,” she says. “And why did you spend time listening to the aftermath when you have such easy access to the entrepreneur? I think now I’m finally getting the craving I needed,” she continues. “I am very excited about life and I know that I am a great privilege. I feel quick to see some of my companions in the rock destroy their lives on alcohol and drugs. Myself, I never use anything like that, because why would I like to escape the life that gives me so much excitement and happiness?”