Kim Wilde is ready for tour

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Het vrije volk (Netherlands)

Kim Wilde has succumbed to her fans. England's best selling recording artist, nicknamed 'Brigitte Bardot of British pop' to her dismay, has reversed her decision not to give any concerts. Next month the 21-year-old daughter of Marty Wilde starts a tour in Bristol which will take her and her accompanying family to some twenty cities in Great Britain. If the experiment goes down well probably dates abroad will follow and Dutch fans may look forward to a concert.

As usual Kim does not take this new step in her successful career lightly. This week she gave a try-out concert in Copenhagen, which was kept secret from the British press. Before this factual rehearsal her mother Joyce, who manages her, warned the Danish journalists who were there. 'Don't judge her too harshly, this performance is nothing more than a test. Kim has to get in proper shape. Especially the Danish audience is so well suited for this, because they never succumb so easily, like in many other countries.'

This however was only partially true for the first tones of the song 'Kids in America'. When Kim wilde appeared on stage it was so overwhelming that the hall changed into a party tent instantly. When father Marty and brother Ricky, together the hitmakers of Kim, stood by her side the party was complete.

Afterwards the normally so shy and reserved singer was as satisfied and elated as her fans, who she rewarded for their enthusiasm with three encores. 'I have never felt this good. I never thought that becoming one with your audience would give you these fantastic feelings. My life has changed drastically as a result of this experience. Now I can understand why artists find it so hard to say goodbye to the applause. Soon I will be addicted to it myself.'