Kim Wilde is ready for tour

Kim Wilde has succumbed to her fans. English best selling artist, nicknamed ‘Brigitte Bardot of British pop’ to her displeasure, has reversed her decision to not give any concerts for the time being. Next month the 21 year old daughter of Marty Wilde will start a tour in Bristol that will bring her to some twenty cities in Great Britain. If the experiment is successful, concerts abroad will be highly likely and Dutch fans can prepare for seeing her in concert.

As usual Kim will tread carefully into this next phase of her career. This week she had some trial concerts in Copenhagen, which were kept secret for the British press. Prior to this de facto dress rehearsal her mother and manager Joyce, had warned the Danish journalists. “Don’t judge too harshly, this concert is no more than a test. Kim needs to get in shape. The Danish audience is especially suited for this, because it don’t get too enthusiastic too soon, like in other countries.”

This supposition only worked for the first few tones of the song ‘Kids in America’. Kim appearing on stage was so overwhelming that the sold out hall immediately turned into a bustling party tent. When father Marty and brother Ricky, together the hit makers of Kim, appeared by her side the joy was complete.

Afterwards the usually very down-to-earth singer was as excited as her fans, which she had rewarded with three encors. “I have never felt so good. I never thought that getting together with your audience would make you feel so fantastic. My life has changed all of a sudden with this experience. Only now I can understand why it’s so hard to distance oneself from applause. Just a little while and I’ll be addicted to it myself.”