Kim Wilde: “My brother Ricky composes, daddy writes lyrics, and I get gold discs”

Kim Wilde made a quick trip to Paris. Just enough time to participate in two television shows. The first day, the blonde rocker sang her current hit, ‘Child come away’ for TF1. The next day, FR3, and live. Meanwhile, we stole a moment to speak about her.

In just two short years she has come a long way, the young English with the suburban accent, who sang with her mother “doo doo ba bi” or “wa wa di di doo” behind the songs of Marty Wilde, her singing father! She had her choice of entries into the business, , it’s true … But not all children of rock stars make it into all the charts!

“I’ve always loved singing. My brother Ricky, himself, composed. And the third one he wrote the music for inspired my father to write the words for me to sing solo … And a major label to release a 45 rpm. ” That first track, “Kids in America” was a hit. In France, it won her her first gold record. Since then, she had a few others. That same system. And still works fine for the recidivist family. “We get on well, we did a good job overall, and it works well: I do not see why I want to change. Right now! However, it is lack of time rather than choice if I still live with my parents: I bought an apartment in a beautiful building from the Twenties, north of London, but it is not yet completely settled. When I have a moment, I look for Art Deco furniture, or I see some old friends I have. We will calmly have dinner in a restaurant, it’s better than to go dancing. Actually, I hate night clubs, and do not particularly like new relationships. What I like is to know people that have really always been there…

And sing?
Yes. I play piano, sax too, but I like to sing… Experience playing an instrument, it’s good to console. When you can not sing.