Kim Wilde – one of the most popular

Kim Wilde is a well-known British singer and in the UK as well as in continental Europe she is best in the field of pop.
Her career has been very fast. She is of the model ’60, the daughter of the rock and roller Marty Wilde, who was wellknown in the sixties. In the beginning of her career, she was primarily taken as a daughter of her father, but not long ago until she had created her own image in the pop world. The first song she sang to the album was written by her father and brother, Ricky. It was called Kids In America and became very popular in the UK and in continental Europe a year ago. Following were the tracks “Chequered Love” and “Water On Glass”, and now “Cambodia” is being launched. All are the songs by Marty and Ricky Wilde and three from the previous album, Kim Wilde.

Kim Wilde is, in many respects, special among pop musicians. In appearance, she is rather plain. The hair is colored and the face is painted. The clothes they wear are most purchased in cheap flea markets and shoe stores. Therefore, it was hard to distinguish her from the girl next door. She lives at home with her parents and her sister. Before she started singing, she studied at the art school, worked in a shop and worked in a hospital.

It was her father who discovered the daughter’s singing talent, and he and her mother, a former singer, supported her with advice and inspiration. Financially, the Kim family felt very good. It was going to be a good idea for Marty Wilde. But when he got a good deal, he turned to the newspaper. Kim simply sounds like a friend, does not smoke and does not use drugs. She has looked at other pop stars to be sold and does not participate in their companion live. Her friends group is the same as before and, most fun, she likes to go out with her friends, go skiing and play a game. If they have no time for her, has no time for them, she says.

Kim is a high level of gender equality and says he does not want to see men who look at her unclean eye or can not take her fragile peace. “I have many male friends, and of course, my husband is second to none, but I do not have the goal of having a fast track.” She is not worried about the future, looking forward to getting older and becoming so mature. She has nothing against having children (she has a two-year-old sister and brother in the first year). “But the children should not be allowed unless they are welcome,” she says. She claims she would not sacrifice to her children by the simple desire that she believes that if the mother is born in good working life, the whole family is beneficial.
Music Kim Wilde is light and moving. The silversmiths make a great sense but are not overwhelming. Her voice is extremely cool and beautiful and it predicts well for the future.