Kim Wilde: out of velvet and vinyl

In 1981, one carried her to the naked ones. She was decreed number one. Revelation of the year. The Amazon had arrived. The hair flamed and a provocative pout, eyes which she would have been wrong to hide behind a pair of mirror glasses. All to please.
From the genre evoking Deborah Harry, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe and other sex symbols. By the end of 1982, she starts her first tour an passed in Belgium, in Brussels (at the Cirque Royal) and in Antwerp. Finally we will taste the musical preciousnesses of Kim Wilde. Hits made to transport on your walkman for senior skiers who thread the white valley by one day of large sun. The ears listen to the rhythm of “Kids in America”, the first hit of Kim Wilde released in early 1981.
Scorpio, November 18, 1960, 23 years, she acknowledges “to have had good fortune to be born in a family of artists”. The music in the house was quickly the affair of her life, like a history of love. Her father, Marty Wilde, sings and composes, and he genetically transferred his abilities onto her. She was encouraged besides to launch a career. The rock’n’roll-business did not wait for long to integrate her in the circuit.
“View from a bridge”, “Child come away” and “Chequered love” sow and collect. Over the past year, Kim has tried to follow the demand that came up after the big success of “Cambodia”, which was something like an earthquake in the charts.