Kim Wilde spoils Popfoto-readers: Win a super cube

You’re dreaming happily and then all of a sudden… RRRRINGGGG!! Because of the noise of your alarm clock you get woken up. Would you rather be awaken in a more romantic way? The English singer Kim Wilde certainly would! You too? Then participate in this month’s competition. Because Kim is giving away 5 fine radio alarm clocks, in the form of a great white cube! From now on you can wake up with the songs from the hitparade or a very soft alarm sound, it’s your choice. Read on how to win such a super cube or one of the great artist coats.

“Gosh, what a great alarm clock! I would certainly want one!”. Surprised Kim Wilde looked at the radio alarm clock in the shape of a nice white cube, this month’s grand prize of the competition. Not one, but five Popfoto readers can win one.
“I prefer being woken up in a nice way”, says Kim. “With music for instance. Or with a soft sound. And with this one you can choose either one!”
Kim turns a knob and soon her own new single “View from a bridge” from her new album “Select” can be heard. “The sound of this cube is wonderful!”, declares the 21-year old English woman after hearing the alarm go off as well. Then she goes on to say: “Soon I can use such a thing myself. I am going to live on my own. I haven’t found a space yet, but I would love to have a place of my own. I can’t sit quietly in my own room right now. There’s always someone coming in: my father, my mother, Ricky, Marty or Roxanne. And although I love them all dearly, I think it’s irritating sometimes. What my place should look like? Not small anyway, because I love space! And a new house is not my style. I prefer a house that was built fifty years ago or something, which nice corners and such. An alarm clock like this would be pretty good. Popfoto readers can win one? Well, they’re lucky. What do they have to do?

How to compete?

You answer the three questions below. Write them down and send them to Popfoto […].

Question 1. What is the name of Kim’s new single?
a. Cambodia b. View from a bridge c. Kids in America
Question 2. How old is Kim Wilde?
a. 19 b. 21 c. 23
Question 3. What is the name of Kim’s new album?
a. Select b. Chequered Love c. Roxanne