Kim Wilde: spontaneous and simple girl

Kim Wilde has a lot of success since her hit “Kids in America”. One hit after another takes the mysterious blonde singer up to the highest heights. Still she remains, despite her success, a spontaneous and simple girl.

“Ever since the time I had success with “Kids in America” I started to realise that being famous isn’t everything. I can’t go on the streets without being surrounded by people who want to touch me or ask for an autograph.
At the beginning of my career my best friends left me for a while because they thought I wouldn’t want to be around them anymore. Fortunately I stayed true to myself and after a little while my friends started acting normal towards me again. I often think of how I used to imitate Diana Ross and Barbra Streisand in front of the mirror. I dreamed of becoming a singer.”
“Many people think that I was turned to singing by my father. But that’s not true. I had a lot of pleasure in it myself. And even if my father hadn’t been behind me all the way, I would still have tried. My father is very proud of me now, especially since the career of my brother Ricky didn’t take off. And he tried so hard. Alas Ricky was too young to cope with all the pressure. Dad still pushed him to move on. Ricky would give up easily though. After long and hard work he finally had one hit, but then he quit the business. That was a blow for my father. He didn’t have success for a very long time himself after all. That was between 1957 and 1962. When his career stopped he tried to make an artist out of Ricky. Alas not every dream comes true, except mine, because they did. I will go on tour soon and that is already keeping me awake at night. I dream about being on stage and forgetting my lyrics. I have nightmares about that. But it will pass. I only have one wish right now: that my career will last longer than my brother’s and father’s.

We are sure it will. Good luck Kim with your tour!