Kim Wilde Super Stunt

Blonde Kim Wilde has become the most popular singer in Europe in a very short time. She scored a couple of hits and was awarded the British Popmusic Award in England. A prestigious award. With a little luck Kim will come to the European continent soon for a few live concerts. Maybe she’s already been here. That wasn’t confirmed when this Popbiz went to press. Popbiz, which was the first magazine to write about Kim, wants to organise a Super Stunt. We have five Super Kim Wilde packages with LP, single, T-shirt and a signed photograph. An extra surprise are 25 Popbiz school agenda’s for the next school season.
What to do? Write down three titles of Kim Wilde hits on a postcard and send it to PopBiz. Write down your name, address and age. Good luck.

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Kim Wilde has provided a new fashion trend. Many fans have adopted her clothing, make-up and hairstyle. Kim doesn’t understand this herself. She told one of our writers: ‘I always walk around in old sixties clothing. Everything I buy is from second hand stores. Fortunately I have never had problems looking this way. About my hairdo I can’t imagine that it’s so special. I never go to a hairdresser but cut and dye it myself. In England you can even order a ‘Kim Wilde haircut’ these days. It’s strange, because I try everything to look differently but it still pleases people. It’s nice to be accepted for who you are, but I never expected this!