Kim Wilde tells about her future plans

In this edition you will find a super poster of Kim Wilde in our Vi Unge – and in this exclusive interview she talks about her future plans, including about a new LP, probably coming at the end of the month.

You are in the process of making a new LP – how are you doing?
I have recorded many things the latest manners, but there is a lot of missing here and there, because it is completely clear. At best, I expect the album is out in late March. The title I do not determine until all the numbers are completely finished.
It is on many occasions a pure family business. It’s Ricky and I and my dad Marty, who’s doing the most – and we call musicians when they need them. If I have to say something about the new record now, I think it is more ideally and through-worked than the first one – it has more direction. We are getting an identity as a band!

You’ve never acted – is something happening soon?
I have always said that I wanted an LP more so that people would know what they came to when they went to the concerts. But after the release, I expect something to happen. A big tour. We are currently putting together a band. Denmark is of course included in the tour. With at least a few concerts.

There are rumors that you have become multi-millionaire on an American record deal!
These are rumours without roots in reality. There has been a lot written about it in the English press and an amount of 1.5 million pounds – approx. 22 million Danish kroner – has been mentioned (in Denmark, BT has furthermore spread these rumors). It’s a rubbish. Nobody will pay so much for a record deal with me – especially when not in these record times of the record industry. Said all that is about the matter is actually that I negotiate a contract. But in a completely different realistic order of magnitude.

Do you still live with your parents?
Yes, because I have not had time to buy a house yet. But I’m looking at one. Considering it all and moving safely within the next manners.

Do you have a regular boyfriend?
No. But I am a lot of friends. Also male. But only completely non-binding.

How has success changed your life?
Not really much. I have not had time to spend a lot of money. But today I’m financially independent – and that’s great.

What hobbies do you have?
When I go to the local pub with my friends. Sitting at home and watching TV or video. Or read a book.

Good video movies have helped establish you. Do you continue to make them?
Of course. Video is part of the future. I think we come to a point where everyone has a vending machine standing next to their TV. It is then cheap to rent cassettes that everyone will do. I could imagine Blondie doing a whole LP as a video. But there are now no current plans right now.

What would you like to do if you were not in the music industry?
I would never ever do anything else. I’m probably infected by the environment from home with a father who is a rock singer. But one day I would like to stop singing myself – and mask becoming the manager of a group, get my own record company or something similar. My mother knows a lot about that kind. She has a theater agency and knows all about the industry’s loopholes and herring hooks.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Denmark, Kim!
Hii readers and I’m very excited to meet my many Danish fans.