Kim Wilde, that is hereditary rock

Did you know that rock is a hereditary disease? The important discovery was made by a team of journalists during a business dinner based on delicious French delicacies, held in a well-known restaurant in the historic center of Rome.
The guinea pig, who has been subjected to all the relevant questions, is a splendid blonde, with an aggressive face, lively eyes and a sensual mouth belonging to the Wilde lineage. Kim’s name is twenty one years old and at least five boyfriends at a time. Father Marty Wilde was a famous rock star in the 60s. The brothers love, write and play rock music. She sings with the right dose of aggression, in a catchy style where rock does a little more than just a peep.

In short, at the conclusion of the culinary-scientific-musicological symposium, the conclusion was reached that the rock of the father falls on the children. Kim’s behavior is clear evidence of this assumption. His album has sold nearly one million copies; the new single, with the perfect cover and titled Cambodia, is already enjoying good success; countries like Sweden, Belgium and Germany have already said yes to his music by electing it for five weeks as queen of the classifione reserved for LPs.
If the pope was seen as very valid, so is Kim, with whom we exchanged a few nice little talks. The new star proved to be of few words, but precise and thoughtful. Perhaps there is a concern in her to keep her character in a certain tone. The girl is not yet dissolved: she is studying the mechanisms of the gear. Don’t make mistakes and it shows.

How much has your father’s career influenced your choices? Can we talk about hereditary rock?
Your metaphor is very nice. A successful joke. But if I have to be honest I tell you I never thought about it. Music gives me a place and I’ve always felt it to be my thing.

Sweden, Germany, Belgium: three countries and as many extremely different populations. Yet they welcomed you very well. What is the common denominator of your success?
Good music.

Do you like the definition that someone has “attached” you to European Blondie?
It is totally indifferent to me.

To date you have never sung live. You just threw records. Why? Do you fear the audience?
I have never performed in concerts yet because I haven’t found the time. I have been around the world so much, moving quickly from one country to another and therefore in very different situations, that I have not yet managed to make a point of my musical life. Sooner or later, however, I will perform live. It must be an exciting experience.

What do you think of Italy and Italians?
You are a little too curious.

I understand: it’s time to end the interview.
Dear and dear Cioé-fans, we have introduced you to Kim Wilde, the living proof that rock is also a hereditary disease. (I doubt that this conclusion was a little too official. Besides, I really don’t know what to invent to always find something new. Sorry, I start to give the numbers, it will be the fault of the French wine, of Kim’s beauty, blablabla …)